About Us

Electricity inventor is a blog that comprises all fundamental topics of electricity and energy.

We found this blog on 18 May 2020.  The principal objective and goal of this blog to educate people about the basic concepts of energy and electricity and their definitions, types, uses, history, and much more.

Members and story

Six members are handling this blog and all members have a certified degree in electrical engineering.

Our two friends Shoaib and Zahid present an idea that we will create a blog to educate the people about energy and electricity. So, we start work on the blog.

But in the beginning, we had a lot of trouble creating a blog because we didn't have enough information to create a blog, and we do not know how to create a blog.

But we thankful to sir Ahmed who taught us about the blog and how to create it. 

If you have questions about our blog, then contact us.

Thank you,

Muhammad Shoaib Akram (Founding Member)

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