solar energy explanation and importance in simple words

Solar energy importance
solar energy

The solar energy system is a system of capturing energy from the sun and converting it into electricity by solar panels.

Solar energy working method

The sun is a natural nuclear reactor. The sun releases energy called photons, which travel 93 million miles from the sun to earth in about 8.5 minutes. In every hour, enough photons reach the earth to meet all the world's 1-year energy needs.

At present, photovoltaic electricity is only five-tenths of the energy consumed. But solar technology is getting better and the cost of installing solar panels is dropping rapidly, so our ability to use abundant solar energy is increasing.

The 2017 report from the International Energy Agency shows that the sun has become the fastest-growing resource of energy in the world. In the coming years, we will all enjoy the benefits of electricity generated by the sun.

When a photon hits a solar cell, it causes electrons to move away from their atoms.

Experts attach a conductor to the positive and negative sides of the cell, and the conductor forms an electrical circuit When electrons flow through such a circuit, it produces electricity.

Some cells form solar panels, and experts connect several panels to each other to form the solar panels. The more panels you install, the more energy you can produce.

Importance of solar energy

1- To better understand the importance of solar energy, it is necessary to compare the amount of solar energy falling over the world in a year with the existing fossil fuel reserves in our world.

2- Accordingly, the amount of energy transported from the sun to the earth within a year is 516 times greater than the world's oil reserves, and 157 times greater than the coal reserves.

3- Considering that the Sun will continue its current energy production as a star for millions of years, we can conclude that solar energy is unlimited energy. Another important point is that this energy coming from the sun and it is free. The key thing is to collect this energy with the right technologies and use it in electricity generation.

4- Compared to the energy got by combustion from fossil fuels, solar energy is a unique source of vital importance for any living creature that found everywhere in the world, and carbon dioxide emission rate is zero during consumption.

5- On the other hand, the rapid increase in fossil fuel consumption with the industrial revolution, the importance of solar energy has increased, because the carbon dioxide ratio in the atmosphere has increased 1.3 times in the last century and it will increase 1.4 times in the next 50 years.

6- Another point that is very important to explain here, while explaining the importance of solar energy, is that heat generated by the combustion released into the atmosphere and increases the average temperature of the world. As a result, glaciers melt, lake water dries up, and agriculture suffers from drought.

Nowadays, the amount of energy consumption per capita is increasing rapidly. The only solution to meet this growing demand is solar energy. Solar technology has not yet achieved the importance it deserves.


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