Sources of energy | Renewable energy sources in simple words

Sources of energy renewable and non renewable

Here we will discuss a list of 8 types of renewable energy sources that use in the world.  Unfortunately, we cannot fully use our sources of energy.

Renewable energy is a source of energy that restored naturally, and the process is sustainable.

People knew the concept of renewable energy in the world in the 1970s. Using renewable energy is more environmentally friendly because it can reduce environmental pollution and environmental damage compared to non-renewable energy.

Sources of energy list:

     1. Biofuel

It is a renewable energy source in the form of fuel (both solid, liquid, and gas) produced from organic materials. Biofuel sources are plants that have high sugar content (such as sorghum and sugarcane) and plants that have high vegetable oil content (such as jatropha, algae, and palm oil).

     2. Biomass

Biomass is a renewable energy that refers to biological materials derived from living organisms or recently dead. Sources of biomass include wood fuel, waste, and alcohol. It is an excellent energy source among unique sources of energy.

     3. Geothermal

Geothermal energy is a renewable energy source in the form of thermal energy (heat) that produced and stored in the earth. We believe geothermal energy to be economical, abundant, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. But we can not use it because of exploitation technology that can only reach around the tectonic plate.

      4. Water

We use water energy as a common alternative to fossil fuel. We get this energy source by utilizing the potential and kinetic energy of water. Today, we produce around 20% of the world's electricity by hydroelectric power plants.

      5. Wind

Wind or wind energy is a renewable energy source produced by the wind. We use windmills to get wind energy and convert it into kinetic or electric energy.

      6. The sun

Solar energy or solar energy is a renewable energy source from the radiation of light and heat emitted by the sun. It is the best energy source among original sources of energy.

      7. Sea Waves

We get ocean wave energy or renewable energy from the rising and falling pressure of sea waves.  Unfortunately, this alternative energy source is still in the stage of development in the world.

       8. Tidal

Tidal energy is renewable energy sourced from the tidal process. There are two types of tidal energy sources, the first is the difference in the high and low tides of the sea at high tide. The second is tidal currents, especially in small straits. Like the sea wave energy,

Mostly we do not optimally use renewable energy sources in the world. 90% of energy in underdeveloped countries uses fossil fuels (coal, petroleum, and natural gas) and the rest, less than 10%, uses renewable energy sources.

Of the various renewable energy sources available, we widely use freshwater energy. We can count the number of power plants sourced from geothermal, wind, and solar energy on the fingers, with very little energy capacity.

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