Uses of electricity at home in daily life in simple words

Uses of electricity

After the discovery of electricity, it has now become difficult to think about the world without electricity. Uses of electricity have increased in every sector of life.

According to International Energy Outlook 2016, that electricity generation is to increase by 69% in 2040.

You must read about the interesting Facts of electricity in simple words.

So, the rising demand for electricity leads to the invention of many fresh sources of power generation.

Uses of electricity

1- Uses of electricity increase, especially when we design and build new socialist cities.

2- Electricity in the home improves hygienic living conditions and makes homework easier.

3- we use a significant amount of the total electricity produced globally for household purposes.

4- We use it for computing, water heating, television, refrigeration, cooking, and lighting.

5- Maintaining clean kitchens served by electricity is much cheaper. If we use electricity instead of gas for kitchen appliances, then we will free from ash, residues of unburned fuel, and much more.

6- Electric stoves emit less heat than open flame stoves (coal or gas). As a result, the temperature in an electric kitchen is usually lower, which is especially important in summer.

7- Electric devices for heating water speed up the preparation of morning tea, coffee, etc, using boiling water also speeds up the process of preparing all kinds of soups.

Uses in domestic life

8- So, the uses of electricity in domestic life avoid us from workers in the household and, on the other hand, reduces the work of women in domestic life and allows them to devote their time to public work.

9- Using electricity in domestic life is not an unknown thing. In some countries, in recent years, it has received significant development. The most common use of electricity in the home is in Switzerland, the North American United States, and Germany.

10- In Switzerland, of the 4.5 billion KWH produced in 1928 at power plants, 410 million KWH, was used for domestic needs. It is interesting to note that energy consumption for this purpose was more than for railway traction, which was 7.1% in the same year.

11- Besides appliances for heating water by electricity, electric irons are very common in Switzerland. Their number, according to recent data, reaches 400 thousand. (one iron per 10 inhabitants). Energy consumption for ironing reaches 30 million kWh per year.

12- Electric kitchens are especially significant among the rural population, in areas where there is no gas.

13- Here, at least 200-250 thousand people use electric energy for this purpose, consuming 80-100 million kWh per year.

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