Types of electricity in very simple and easy words

Types of electricity

There are two fundamental types of electricity, but before discussing them we will overview the importance of electricity.

The invention of electricity is the best invention of this world.

This world is full of machines, and the thing that runs all these machines is electricity.

You must read about what is electricity and how it produces.

In ancient times electricity was a concept that many people were unaware of. But today's man is fully aware of electricity.

Electricity has solved every problem of today's man۔ With the electricity of today, we can complete the work of hours in minutes and minutes of work in seconds.

We know the importance of electricity when it's gone.

Fundamental Types of electricity:

  • Static electricity
  • Current Electricity

Static Electricity

When two bodies rub together, it produces static electricity.

Static Electricity produces because of the imbalance of negative and positive charges in a body.

When an electric charge creates on a material surface, it attracts the two bodies to each other because of the negative and positive charges.

Example number - 1

You rub the balloon on the wall and stick it to the wall. Both material bubbles and wool have a neutral charge before friction.

When you rub the balloons and the wool, the electrons move from the wool to the balloon, which is because the attraction is different for both electrons in the material.

static electricity is one electricity between the two types of electricity.

In this way, the charge of the balloon becomes negative as it receives electrons from the wool.

And the wool charge becomes positive as it releases electrons.

Example number - 2

Have you ever taken a hat off your head in the dry winters? You may have noticed the hair standing up immediately.

When you remove your cap from the head, the electrons move from your hat to your hair. Two bodies with the same charge push each other away.

Similarly, your hair will try to get as far away from each other as possible.

Current Electricity

Current electricity is the flow of electrons around the electric field. We measure the current in amperes.

In fact, the flow of electrons from one place to another is the current electricity. The current flows through a conductor, usually a copper wire.

There are two types of conductors: an excellent conductor and a poor conductor. An excellent conductor is one that does not resist the flow of electric charge.

And a poor conductor is one that resists the electric charge movement.

Fundamental Types of Current

  • DC
  • AC

The current got from the batteries is DC current۔ DC is a flow of electrons, while the AC changes the direction of the electron.

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