Facts about electricity that you may not know before

Facts about electricity

In this post, we will discuss many interesting facts about electricity. So, the first and interesting fact is that the history of electricity is 4000 years old. Historians described it in ancient Egyptian history.

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Interesting facts about electricity

1- The first researcher that try to get electricity was an ancient Greek philosopher and scientist Thales. He conducted his experiments about 2600 years ago. He failed, but he realized the existence of static electricity.

2- Near Baghdad, in the 30s of the last century, people found an amazing artifact, called the "Baghdad Battery". So, according to scientists, it was made about 2200 years ago.

3- The material carriers of electricity are electrons. Joseph Thomson discovered it in 1897.

4- Even today, about 1 billion people on Earth cannot use electricity.

5- Benjamin Franklin invented a lightning rod, we depict whose portrait on a banknote of 100 US dollars.

6- Fireflies are amazing insects that generate real electricity.

7- Animal platypuses feel the weakest discharges of electricity arising from muscle tension. So, they focus on them when they hunt fish at night in black ponds at night.

8- The scientist William Gilbert coined the term "electricity" in 1600. So, it is a very interesting fact among different facts about electricity.

9- Italian scientist Luigi Galvani proved the appearance of electrical tension in the muscles of living beings in 1791.

10- Hydroelectric power stations and nuclear power plants generate the most environmentally friendly electricity. But even solar and wind power plants are less environmentally friendly because their production and operation require the use of materials that pollute the environment.

11- In nature, there are powerful natural sources of electricity. For example, electric eels and stingrays can easily kill a person by a current discharge.

12- The world's first commercial power plant started operating in New York in 1882, providing energy for several blocks.

13- The voltage in lightning can reach 1 billion volts (interesting facts about lightning).

14- Nikola Tesla is the most famous scientist who studied electricity. He devoted his life to his work.

15- Electricity plays an important role in human health. So, the muscle cells in the heart produce electricity. An electrocardiogram (ECG) measures the heart rate.

16- Electric current moves at a speed of light equal to 300,000 km per second!

17- Have you ever wondered why birds sitting on the power line do not receive an electric shock? If a bird sits on the same power line, it is safe. However, if the bird touches the other line with its wing or foot, it creates a chain, causing electricity to flow through the bird's body. This leads to electric shock.

18- The first successful electric car was built in 1891 by American inventor William Morrison.

19- Thomas Edison built the first power station, and in 1882 the Pearl Street Power Station in New York sent electricity to 85 buildings.

20- LED lamps consume about one-sixth of the energy consumed by conventional lamps.

21- The first four electricity made appliances were a sewing machine, a fan, a kettle, and a toaster. It is the last fact among interesting facts about electricity.

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